Friday, August 17, 2012

Gummy Bears, Here there - bouncing everywhere!

Everyone LOVES Gummy Bears (with the exception of me). I'm just more of a chocolate girl. My husband is obsessed with all things Gummy; Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Gummy Lips, Gummy Sharks and on and on...

Well in the spirit of Gummy Bears, head over to Facebook and "Like" Amazon, for a chance to win A HUGE Gummy Army and a $500 gift card:  Win A Gummy Army and $500 Amazon Dollars!

While we're talking about Gummy Bears,  ever see this awesome Gummy Bear Chandelier:

5,000 little Gummy Bears surround a central light source. Gummy Bear chandeliers take about 2 months to create. Only 10 of these vibrant “Candeliers” by Jellio will be made, each one a bit different since they’re hand-strung. And no, they’re not real gummy bears—they’re acrylic. Have $6,500.00 go get one here: Gummy Bear Candelier!

There's an anatomical Gummy Bear:
This little guy should make us all feel bad for eating them.. but lucky for us if you hold a Gummy B. up to the light we just don't see all this!!

A Gummy Bear designer dress?!! Check it out here on our page and while you're there go ahead and Like Us!

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